Retreat day

retreat day

When I went through Pathways Core Training I created a life plan.  My life plan isn’t that “great” and am still working on developing it because at the time I did it, I really couldn’t see myself as a single person or as a married person – or even really as alive.  I felt so dead inside and really believe that because of Pathways my life will be different, forever.  I am connected more to God than ever.  One of the things that I did put in my life plan was to do a writing retreat once a quarter.  In fact, the quarterly writing retreat is really the only part of my life plan that I have been super successful at.

I have done a few other things on my life plan.  I found a church home.  I completed my Associate’s degree.  But there is something different about my writing retreats.  I think it is because I am having to choose to take time to do something important for me.  Something different for me.  Being alone was something I never liked before.  I avoided it at all costs.  So – the writing retreats are a big deal for me.

During my transition over the last 60 days, I have had to cut my expenses as much as possible.  I have come to realize that taking a “formal” writing retreat is not likely.  I will not have the money to go away some place for a few days.  I had been praying about how I can still get that time to connect with God, create content and just be me during this season of my life.

On Mother’s day – I slept, almost the entire day.  I had just moved to my sisters and had been busy getting settled.  I had also driven to Prairie View to pick up my son from college and I was just tired.

I really did plan on going to church.  But didn’t.  I did, however, watch a church sermon online from the Village, with Matt Chandler.  The one I choose was “work and rest” because I knew that I was going to need to find a balance of how to do this owning a business thing again without getting burned out.

What I didn’t expect was to get an answer to my retreat issue.

This sermon spoke to me in many ways – but when Pastor Matt talked about his “one day” – I knew it was what I could do for my own writing retreats.

I dont have to go away.  I dont have to go away for 3 days each time to be able to pause and connect with God.

I can connect with God in any moment I choose to.

My plan right now is to schedule one day a month where I disconnect from social media and have no other appointments/events planned and just be.  Be with God.  Be with myself.  Create content (if that’s what my heart needs to do).  Take a nap (that’s always a good thing for me).

Realizing that I can still honor my life plan by doing my retreats, only in a different way was good “medicine” for me.  This is just a season for me and I will go back to taking a more structured time away in the future, or maybe I will keep doing my “retreat day” and add in a full retreat getaway when I can.

My heart is happy that I am going to find moments in my everyday life to remain connected to God in a way that matters.

Maybe you can watch the above sermon and see how God guides you.

Much love to all.



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