How was the concert?

When I quit my job to start the magazine – I knew that it would take a few months to get this up and going, so I applied for a part-time job.  Actually, I applied for this job long before I knew I was going to be quitting my job – and was just going to work it to help have extra money for “just in case” issues.

The job is working security at AT&T Stadium for events and football games (go Cowboys?)

Last night was my first scheduled event but there was some confusion with my paperwork and I didnt think I was going to get to work it.  But around 530pm they called me and said it was okay for me to come in, so I rushed myself over there.

After all, it was the U2 concert.  (insert girly giggle here).

I worked from 7pm-12midnight.  Standing up the entire time.  I didnt even take a potty break, which is a miracle.

The next time you go to a concert – look on the floor seating area and find the camera guy.  You know, the one recording the event.  That’s where I was assigned to work.  At the U2 concert they had a big gated area around the camera guys set up.  My job was to stand at the gate and make sure that only the right people came in the gate.

So – basically, I got paid to go to the U2 concert and make sure no one entered this little gated area.

The music was amazing, which I expected.

They used a big video screen behind them on stage – the photos/videos they shared were amazing.

My favorite part of the show was when, close to the end, everyone on the floor (about 8,000 people, so I was told) was jumping up and down – screaming/singing their heads off and they showed the crowd view from the drummers perspective on the big screen – dude, if I could have a photo of that.  It was beautiful.

I was in a people watching extravaganza.  It was fun to see the same people walk by several times and feel like I got to know them a little bit, ha.  I did talk to several people.  I had several people give me high 5’s and fist bumps.  I had one guy tell me he was looking for his next wife, uhm – look over there sir, nothing to see here.

I saw people happy – randomly dancing.  Some people were clearly drunk, pretending not to be – some didnt even try to pretend.

There was one couple standing near my gated area – which I was totally guarding – that caught my attention.  She was a “bigger” girl (which I can say, because I am too, smile) and he was just an average guy.  Both seemed to be what most would classify as dorky/nerdy.  But what I saw was a beautiful couple – enjoying the concert.  Her dancing (a little) to the music.  Him never letting go of her, his arm was around her back/shoulder every time I looked at them.  She leaned over and said something in his ear and he looked at her and nodded and smiled.  Who knows what she said but I could feel their “happiness” and it made my night.

Something that I was pondering as I was watching these fans stand up and sing their hearts out – raised hands and so much energy that it could really be felt was…is this what heaven will be like?

Will we worship so intensely or will we be so in awe that we can not even speak?  I was thinking of the Mercy Me song at a U2 concert, I get it. Ha.

It’s against the rules to take photos – so I  tried to make sure I didnt, even tho I really wanted to.  I did want to capture the moment in some small way – so took a few pics of my area – without really showing anything of importance.

The first picture is of me looking to the sky, so where I was standing you can tell is right below the part of the stadium that opens up.  The second picture is of the gate I was guarding all night.  And the 3rd is just of me and part of the gate.  I understand why they dont want “Security” taking photos – so probably wont even take any at future events – but this was my first one – and wanted something to remember it by.


Oh – I met some of the nicest people working security there.  One man was probably close to 70 years old and he had been there since 6am – and was leaving at 12midnight.  He said he had been there til 10pm the night before.  I kinda felt bad – knowing that I am doing this mainly to be able to go to the events – yes, the money will be nice, but they really dont pay that much – and if I was looking for a part time job to make more money – I could do something else for sure.  He is probably working every moment he can to just get by.  I didnt get his name – but am praying for him.

Thankful for the experience – music is my love language.

Wonder what all I will see/experience at future events?  Looking forward to it for sure.






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