God Wink…


If you have been following my story,  you know that I just quit my job on May 1st to start a business.  They have a training session that you have to go to before you can officially start.  I wanted to go to training earlier in May but missed the cut off by one day (this will be important to know in a few sentences).

The last few weeks I have been doing their online training classes and building a list of businesses to call as soon as I get back from training.

I go to training May 31-June 1st.

The business I am starting is a magazine.  To go to print (get paid) you have to have a certain amount of sales.  This amount covers the cost of producing and delivering the magazine.  They call this the magic number.

To go from 0 to the magic number usually takes between 3 and 6 months.

Today I was meeting with my mentor for the magazine and he told me about a woman that had been in “ramp up” – the time you are working on getting to the magic number.  He said that she was at 75-80% of the magic number.  And she quit.

What?  How do you get THAT close and quit?  I am sure I have done similar in other areas of my life in the past, so I know it happens.  But in this case, it just didn’t seem to make sense to me.

While I was talking with my mentor – the area Sales Manager called me and said…that he had something he needed to talk with me about.

Uhm, ok?

He told me about the woman that had quit and basically told me that if I wanted to pick up where she left off I could, or I could keep the neighborhood he had already assigned me.

What? Hahaha…..I can’t stop laughing.  I have done a lot of different advertising type things and have NEVER started something that would allow me to have a book of business to start with.  (If I had gone to training a few weeks ago – he probably wouldn’t have offered me this neighborhood – and it would have gone to someone else.)

Yes, please.  I will take over that neighborhood.  I feel bad for the woman that quit but am so excited to know that when I get back from training instead of starting at 0….. I will be starting at 75% of what I need to go to print.

God winked at me.  He reminded me that when I trust him – and let him guide me, he really will take care of me.  I will still have tough days and things won’t be all roses but for today, in this moment I am doing a happy dance.

A few months ago I went to a leadership event at Gateway church and heard Dr. Henry Cloud speak.  Something he said that hit me between the eyes was when he said:  If you are tired of having to start over, how about you stop quitting.

I am committed to this – and know that if I kept my heart turned towards God allowing for him to guide me along the way my path may still be curvy (not straight) but I will get where I am supposed to be.

Blessed more than I can express.

So thankful.

Love to all.




2 thoughts on “God Wink…

  1. I love hearing these types of stories of how God puts the pieces together to bless us. And I love the expression you used “God winked at me.” What a beautiful image of friendship and delight over a shared secret /blessing God gave you, His precious daughter. I would love to borrow this phrase from you. It makes my heart smile.

    And congratulations on your new adventure! It is evident God is along on the ride with you.


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